Do I Really Need an SSL Certificate?

If you are like me and you’ve found yourself wondering if you need to spring for an SSL certificate for your business web site, I have information that may compel you to get one straight away. Many people don’t realize it but a new version of the HTTP has been released and it is supported by most browsers with distinct performance advantages over the old HTTP. The kicker is that HTTP 2.0 requires that one have the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to reap the rewards it offers via improved SEO and web app performance.

So it’s not just about having to shell out another annual fee for that little lock and HTTPS: in the URL bar and it’s not ¬†just for sites that are collecting credit card information for e-commerce. It is something that can enhance and improve every website. It is something I can help with if you need a certificate set up for your site. Contact me today.

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