WARNING! Update All Wifi Devices

I wanted to make sure everybody has heard about the recently discovered vulnerability found in the security of most all Wifi
devices that you might be using  to include smart phones and wireless networks.  There are patches being developed right now for updating
electronic devices effected by the vulnerability so be on the lookout for updates to your Wifi connected devices and keep yourself safe.
The link below is an article from wordfence along with a helpful video that explains what is happening and how to go about protecting yourself
from a “Krack” attack:

PSA: Severe Vulnerability in All Wi-Fi Devices

What is a free website worth? Should you nix WIX?

We all have to start somewhere as business owners and everyone knows it is important to have a web presence for your business. If you are just getting started you may have enough time on your hands to invest in a DIY solution using one of the “free” web builders out there. As a savvy business person I am sure that you can appreciate how suspect a “free” anything is. The catch here is that with the free version you get a fun interface to throw together a site without knowing a lick of code but you get to be a billboard for the service in such a way that the whole world knows you are using a free site. This speaks to your credibility and how serious you are about your business. Would you want to go to a doctor who uses those free business cards and has a free website or do you feel a little bit more secure about building a relationship with a doctor who has a professional (advertisement and Adwords free) website.

Additionally when we live in an age where we are all battling to pay attention to things that matter do you really want to invest your time and focus on tweaking a website even if it is made easy? It’s not really free if it doesn’t liberate you from the hours you will likely spend trying to tweak it to look the way want it to. Even if you get it looking like you want it to are you certain that you are optimizing your opportunities for growing your business? It is the difference between  doing your own taxes and hoping you got the best result vs. leaving the taxes to a trained CPA who can point out some sweet new breaks you are eligible for or make recommendations that not just save money but get you a better result.

If you are still fired up about the DIY route then knock yourself out. I know that some portion of you will recognize the value of professional services and having a trusting relationship with a person who can be your guide and who can navigate you quickly and easily to that better result. I have been through this enough times to have a process and a plan for success.

Do I Really Need an SSL Certificate?

If you are like me and you’ve found yourself wondering if you need to spring for an SSL certificate for your business web site, I have information that may compel you to get one straight away. Many people don’t realize it but a new version of the HTTP has been released and it is supported by most browsers with distinct performance advantages over the old HTTP. The kicker is that HTTP 2.0 requires that one have the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to reap the rewards it offers via improved SEO and web app performance.

So it’s not just about having to shell out another annual fee for that little lock and HTTPS: in the URL bar and it’s not  just for sites that are collecting credit card information for e-commerce. It is something that can enhance and improve every website. It is something I can help with if you need a certificate set up for your site. Contact me today.