Absolute Pest Control

Thumbnail view of Absolute Pest control Site

This was a project I worked on in which the original design did not call for a responsive site. It would later become my first conversion site for adding responsive elements after the fact.

Walking Bird


This site design came from Samuel Little Graphic Design. It was one of many early designs that my good friend Samuel Little gave me the opportunity to develop his design for him. It represented a new level of complexity and problem solving for me as a developer.

La Plaza Farmers Market


It is with great pleasure that I announce my most recent website project! I am building the site for the La Plaza farmers’ Market that opens on May 6th and runs every Monday until October 13th. It is a special feeling of satisfaction to offer them a site that will be the hub of their […]

Mosaique Creations


This is the site of a dear friend of mine. Lorraine Meade is by far the most talented moasaic artist that I have ever known. Her work is inspirational and it was a delight working with her to create this dynamic gallery page for her site.

Chiocca’s Hair Salon


Yet another of Samuel Little’s fantastic designs that I developed for him. This was one of several I did for him early on.

Responsive Web Design

Visual demonstation of responsive design

If you’ve found yourself wondering what the buzz about “responsive” design is with regard to websites, let me break it down for you here. In a world where Ipads are outselling laptops it is important to consider the size of the screen that your website is going to be veiwed through. A responsive site refers […]